Blue Economy facts and figures

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of life

If the oceans suffer, so does the world. The MARINE ECOSYSTEM is vital to both nature and humankind. Conservation of species and protecting the oceans plays an important role in the Blue Economy concept

Illustrations: Karin Kellner


is conducted over the seas

50 %

of our oxygen is produced by the oceans.

They absorb 30 % of global CO2 emissions


jobs are created by the GREAT BARRIER REEF.

The oceans create jobs for several hundred million people worldwide

Every dollar invested in protecting the oceans prevents seven

dollar in damages


Global Head Chief Investment Office of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

The GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH is three times the size of France and contains 80,000 tonnes of plastic

30 %

of FISH STOCKS worldwide are overfished, 60 % have been exploited to their maximum threshold


absorb carbon dioxide better than FOREST ECOSYSTEMS

The power of water

Since 2009, the global hydroelectric capacity has increased by 107 % and by 14 % in Europe within the same timeframe

3,7 %

of the oceans are protected, more than half

of these (around two percent) are strongly

protected. Fish lay 15 times more eggs in the PROTECTED ZONES, doubling catch

levels. 87 COUNTRIES have ratified

a contract to stop illegal fishing

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 14 sets guidelines for a sustainable maritime economy. Compliance with SDG 14 helps to SAVE THE ECOSYSTEM