Werte / N° 21




Head of Deutsche Bank Wealth

Management Europe

Illustration: Oriana Fenwick

Covid-19, climate change, digitalization the world is constantly in a state of flux – which is nothing new of course. But what is as- tounding is the speed and extent of this change. It is happening in virtually every industry, and it affects everyone, forcing us to re- think many aspects of our daily life and behaviour. The economic report in WERTE identifies digitalisation and climate protection as the main forces driving change. The bottom line is: those who don’t change will go the same way as the dinosaurs – they have no future.

Other forces that have an impact on us are outlined by Karl von Rohr, President of Deutsche Bank, in an interview: the struggle between China and the USA to dominate the global economy and reign supreme in the technology sector. In Europe, meanwhile, negative interest rates are set to become a source of social tension.

In an article on the blue economy, we look at the destructive power of climate change. Targeted policies to protect our oceans can have positive effects, and also open up chances for investors.

And WERTE is changing too. We are becoming more sustainable and more digital. The magazine now has a smaller format in order to make optimum use of the pages, and production is climate-neu- tral, using paper certified in accordance with the Blaue Engel – the highest printing standard in Germany. In addition, we are reducing our carbon footprint by supporting a hydraulic construction project in India – find out more on page 81. And you can now read selected content from WERTE digitally.

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