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Children and career – for 14 years now, CLAUDIA LÄSSIG has been showing how they go ideally together with a brand for sustainable fashion and accessories


 fawn – the brand mark used by Lässig fits perfectly. The

animal, a symbol of the meek and delicate, combines all

the qualities that define the character of this company: a

sensible and responsible approach to the environment, natural re- sources and human beings. This commitment is expressed in many different ways at Lässig. It is certainly not just another form of lip service.

The company focuses on sustainable fashion and products for young families who are also dedicated to environmentally con- scious consumption. In one reflection of its commitment, the com- pany uses materials that have been tested for harmful substances. These materials include recycled polyester made from PET bottles, organic cotton that bears the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) and other materials that use substantially less water during processing. It works with suppliers who guarantee that their employees have fair working conditions. In this process, Läs- sig does not simply depend on certificates – the company’s man- agement team knows the suppliers personally and makes regular on-site visits to check on the situation.

Sustainability is also the guiding principle behind the company’s human resources policies. It provides employees with customised work schedules and leaves of absence to promote work/life bal- ance. Employees were able to work remotely long before corona cast its long shadow over the world. The company has managed the crisis better than other companies as well. Employees share in the company’s success and are supported by a company health man- agement system. Such practices pay off, too. “Seventy-five percent of the company’s 106 employees are women, 35 percent have in- ternational roots, and 16 different languages are spoken,” Claudia Lässig says.

Many companies act sustainably. Many also do their best to help parents successfully balance the demands created by children and careers. Nonetheless, the commitment at Lässig seems to be par- ticularly strong. Why? At Lässig, an understanding of the needs of families is simply part of the company’s DNA. Claudia Lässig knows the problem quite well from her own experience. She went looking for an alternative when her own children were small and her job as an assistant for the management team of a large company no longer fitted her lifestyle. “I wanted both. Children and career. But the company where I was working did not offer it. I would have had

to give up my children for 40 hours a week if I had wanted to stay there. That was simply out of the question for me. But I also did not want to take a less challenging job.” The result: She joined forces with her husband and established a retail company and then Lässig. By stepping into the world of self-employment, she found the very thing that was missing in her life as a full-time employee.

Building bridges and listening to your own feelings when taking decisions: This is also reflected in the products at Lässig. Many have dual functions. Products such as baby swimming suits with integrated swim nappies demonstrate how Lässig uses personal experiences to develop innovative products. With the nappy bag, the focus is placed on making it practical and chic as well as to promote recognition of womanhood among young mothers: “We wondered why nappy bags always had to look like nappy bags and why they always emphasised motherhood and not womanhood.” The businesswoman has demonstrated an ability to successfully put herself in the shoes of working mothers. “In future, I want to encourage and motivate more women,” Lässig says. “Many things fall right into place when you take action, believe in something

and show continuity.”

Text: Tanja Breukelchen

Photos: Wolfgang Stahr


The company founded in Babenhausen,

a city located in Hesse, Germany, in 2006 produces and sells products for young families in retail and online shops. The products are sold in 50 countries around the world. Seventy-five percent of the company’s 106 employees are women. Läs- sig is run by Karin Heinrich, Claudia Lässig and Stefan Lässig.