Werte / N° 23

MARCO PAGLIARA, Head of Deutsche Bank International Private Bank EMEA



Illustration: Oriana Fenwick

the coronavirus pandemic has dominated our day-to-day lives for more than a year now. It has demanded a great deal from all of us and unfortunately, we re- main in the midst of it. The virus continues to have a substantial impact on both the economy and population. At the same time, we are making the best of the situation and hope that 2021 will be a year of new beginnings, one in which vaccines will enable us to come to grips with the virus and promote as well as shape the digital and sustainable restructuring of the economy.

In times of change, many people question the greater purpose of their actions. If there is something positive to come of the coronavirus pandemic, it is our heightened understanding of what we can and must improve in the future. There is truly a new spirit of optimism, which is why we have decided to devote the magazine to precisely this topic: why we do something, how we do it, and for what purpose.

Our interviewees perceive opportunities for growth and a brighter future – throughout all areas of life. As a global principal bank and your investment manager, we also recognise opportunities that we would like to discuss with you. However, we are continuing to maintain a safe distance, just as we did to produce this issue of WERTE: we conducted the interviews virtually, and instead of using photos of our conversation partners, you will see extraordinary por- traits created by two artists, Oriana Fenwick and Carla Fuentes. However, let me make one thing clear: we are really looking forward to seeing you – our valued customers – in person, hopefully in the near future.

I hope you really enjoy this issue of WERTE. Stay safe, stay healthy!



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