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Marco Pagliara, Head of Deutsche Bank International Private Bank EMEA



Chuck Feeney, Eva Mayr-Stihl and Oscar Farinetti have one thing in common – they have recognised how inequality in the world leads to injustice. And when

there is injustice and people are not free within it to develop new ideas, there can be no healthy competition. That impedes opportunities for change and further

development. Our latest issue shows that the desire for social equality is strong and that it transcends national borders. The American Chuck Feeney, for example, has donated most of his wealth. The German Eva Mayr-Stihl is committed with her foundation to medicine, research and culture. And the Italian Oscar Farinetti

campaigns for fair regional trade and healthy eating. They all want to contribute

to more justice and prosperity in society – and as our interview with the medical ethicist Alena Buyx shows it’s not always an easy path to take.

Whether it’s social justice, fair trade or environmental protection – it all has a lasting effect and is part of a social development that is also relevant for invest- ment and asset protection. Our discussion with Maria Haindl, Tuan Huynh and Markus Müller underscores that and explains why, in future, we will be making environmental, social, and governance criteria – ESG for short – the standard

for everything that we offer.

Current events, such as the heatwave of the century in North America, the deadly floods in Germany and Belgium, and the devastating fires in many parts of the world have, once again, made us all even more aware that we need to do more, to be more involved, to recognise and change injustices, so that we can now tackle one major challenge with even greater determination: climate change.

Social consensus, concerted action across generations –

it is possible and needed more than ever.

Hopefully, dear readers,

WERTE will give you plenty of suggestions and ideas.

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Marco Pagliara

Illustration: Oriana Fenwick

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