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WERTE is the client magazine of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. Produced with

the support of journalists, the magazine reports on present challenges and future prospects in the form of exclusive essays, interviews, portraits, stories and features.

The magazine lets us hear the words of people who are changing the world for the

better with their ideas and their actions. Over the years, numerous individuals from social, cultural, political and business circles have been interviewed for the magazine.

Digital & Print

Since 2020, WERTE magazine has been published as both a print and digital version.


WERTE / N° 22

A changing


WERTE / N° 21


From 2009 to 2019, WERTE magazine was

published exclusively as a print version.

Werte / N° 20


für eine

bessere Welt

Werte / N° 19



und handeln

Arbeiten und

Leben in der

digitalisierten welt

WERTE / N° 18

Werte / N° 17


Werte / N° 16

Zukunft gestalten


WERTE / N° 15

Werte / N° 14


WERTE / N° 13


WERTE / N° 12


Werte / N° 11



WERTE / N° 10

WERTE / N° 09



& Zukunft

Werte / N° 08


Werte / N° 07


WERTE / N° 06

Werte / N° 05


Werte / N° 04


Standort Deutschland

WERTE / N° 03

Werte / N° 02

Das Geheimnis

der K-Frauen

Werte / N° 01

Mythos Gold


WERTE has received especially prestigious awards.

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Editorial Note:

We assume no guarantee for unsolicited manuscripts or photos.

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or the persons quoted.

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